Small Copper Moonshine Still With Thump Keg. 1/2 gallon Size And Really Works!


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Small Copper Moonshine Still With Thump Keg. 1/2 gallonSize And Really Works!

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Not all Copper Stills are the same. We sell Copper Stills that will last for generations to come.

We use only DHP copper, not C101 or C110 like most others do. We believe that using the best materials is the foundation for making the best products, and a Still that you will be PROUD to own.

There is an art to making a Copper Still that functions at operates correctly and gives you the optimum product. Caps that are too small for the Still size and tubing that is too small saves money for the builder but sacrifices performance for the customer. We build our stills to tried and true time honored specifications that optimize performance.

Our 1/2 gallon Copper Still setup is perfect for anyone wanting to make a high quality product with authentic equipment and can be used by every experience level. This system comes with 3 system pieces:

Copper Pot Still

Copper Thump Keg w/ 2” Stainless Steel Tri Clamp Ferrule and end cap

Copper FlakeStand/Worm

Each unit Is built by hand, and contains Lead Free Flux and Silver Solder,and has been tested for pressure leaks and safety.

Your unit will be packaged to ensure its safety in transit, and will be shipped UPS Ground with insurance for the purchase amount and tracking